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Our Absolute Guarantee

So confident are we that the Superjuke offers the very best value in today's market, if you can find another Jukebox or Jukebox + Karaoke machine, with all of the same features and service, with the same or greater music choices, for a better price, then we will supply the Superjuke to you, absolutely -

 FREE ! 

... That's right, you read it correctly, we will not just beat a competitor's price by 10%, we mean FREE !

We handle around 1000 functions a year and no-one has been able to claim this FREE offer ... so far, that is ...  

... and why? ...  simply because ...

No other jukebox company in Australia has ALL of these features:

* You choose the music you want to leave in or leave out of your Jukebox

* Remote control so no-one can interfere with the music

* Touch screen – find your song in seconds

* Microphone for announcements included with every Jukebox hire

* Book Online Now ... Pay Later - no need to pay straight away

* No credit card surcharges – no additional fees at all - none

* Jukebox Top 50 - over 6500 Jukebox songs included

* We spend thousands of $$$ updating our music libraries

* Karaoke option includes over 3,500 Karaoke video songs

* Separate Karaoke play list - songs play only when the singers are ready

* Separate Karaoke TV monitor so your singers can face the audience

* 3 Karaoke microphones on a stand

* Printable Karaoke song books from our website

* World class online booking system available 24 hours a day

* Secure payments online – we do not see your credit card details

* Choose or change your Jukebox music online

* Track and trace your booking online 24 hours a day

* Separate speakers on 10m cables for power, clarity and flexibility

* 2 x separate "Smart Lights" that are different with every song

* Includes delivery, set-up, demonstration, pack up and pick up

* We communicate with you every step of the booking process

* We inform you of the delivery and pick up times in advance

* Jump the queue - “Play My Song Next” feature only by the remote control

* NEW! 5 ways to add your own music – Mp3, SD Card, Bluetooth, AUX or CD

* Music mixes between tracks - songs fade in and out just like a DJ

* Customisable automatic random play category feature

* Limit the amount of tracks to be selected

* Volume, Pause, Play, Track Next, Back - all from the remote control only

* Lock feature if you do not want guests to make selections

* Reset Play list without interfering with the current song playing

* Search by Artist, Title and Category and with a superfast alphabet facility

* Track Preview List and much, much more

Well, don't just take our word for it, do the comparisons. Check out our price by getting a quote online right now, compare the Superjuke features and music with that of the competition and find out for yourself why we maintain that we have the very best value!

We would like you to go through Steps 1 to 5 below to find out all about our product and service ... if however you are in a real hurry then ...

Get an online Quote RIGHT NOW in around 30 seconds ... 

If you are happy with the quote you can click on the

"Book Online Now" link in the quote email, to make a booking

STEP 1 of 5 - The Superjuke Video

1 min 45 sec

Please click the ARROW in the centre of the video window to begin. Please have your speakers turned on. The video may take a few moments to load depending on the speed of your internet connection.


STEP 2 of 5 - Check the Map below

We are based at Thornton

Please make sure that your venue is located within the RED boundary.

If your venue is outside of the RED boundary, we will not be able to help you

You can use +- to zoom in & out and the arrows -> to navigate


STEP 3 of 5 - Check out the music

See  the Jukebox music that YOU choose and the amazing Karaoke Library

Superjuke JUKEBOX Music Library - Click Here


Superjuke KARAOKE Music Library - Click Here

Note: Superjuke spends thousands of $$$ updating the music libraries. You can rest assured that whenever your function is, we will be keeping you up to date with our music.

STEP 4 of 5 - Get a Quote Right Now!

Our online quote system, will promptly respond to your inquiry. It will check our database for availability, and issue you a quote via email within about 30 seconds of you submitting your function details, e.g. date, location etc. We will  send you the quote straight away and we will then send you some further information about our offer and all of the Superjuke features.

Please check that you enter your return email address carefully, and if you do not see your email in around 30 seconds after submitting the form, then please check your junk email or spam box.

Get an online Quote RIGHT NOW in around 30 seconds ... 

If you are happy with the quote you can click on the

"Book Online Now" link in the quote email, to make a booking

STEP 5 of 5 - Detailed Information

For some more detailed information about the Superjuke please click below


The Superjuke Jukebox features in detail - Click Here

The Superjuke Jukebox + Karaoke features in detail - Click here

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Please note that ALL QUOTES & BOOKINGS are now made online.

The Superjuke online Quote & Booking system is world class and has enabled us to deliver our product at prices cheaper than ever before.

If you require further information about the Superjuke equipment or specific information about a quote or booking:
  • Please submit an online quote and/or make an online booking and

  • Please ring our Quote & Booking Helpline during our business hours below,

  • Please have your quote or booking reference number ready.

Before you ring our Quote & Booking Help Line, please make sure that you have submitted an online quote and/or booking and please have your quote or booking reference number ready.

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