If you have time on your hands and you have the opportunity to read through all of the amazing features  below, then we reckon there should be no reason on Earth, why you would not want to book the Superjuke Touch Screen Jukebox for your next party.

So get a cup of coffee, sit down and find out why we hire around 4000 Superjukes each year.

The Superjuke Jukebox in detail

1. You Choose The Music

That's right; you choose all the music from our jukebox library of thousands of songs. Get the music YOU want for your party and not what someone else thinks you should have!

You probably know this already, but at every function there is usually a handful of guests who like to dominate in music. They tend to select songs that they should be listening to in their cars and not at a party. And, typically they are the first ones on the machine with the worst tastes in music and that's what you end up with all night. But with Superjuke, because YOU decide what music goes into the jukebox beforehand, your guests will only be able to select from the type of music that YOU want for your party ,,, 

Superjuke JUKEBOX Music Library - Click Here

2. Touch Screen Song Selection

Everyone will love to use the  Superjuke touch screen because they will be able to find their song in seconds. You don't need to flick through heaps of CD's trying to find your song AND there are no external buttons to go from one computer screen to the next computer screen and so on ... like the "Computer in a Box" systems. With the Superjuke, simply touch the letter "T" for example and instantly all the "T" songs come on screen, or Touch the name of the Artist, or your favourite jukebox category. It couldn't be easier! 

3. Remote Control Volume

Many other jukeboxes have a volume control and a cancel button on the back of the machine - just waiting for those annoying guests to ruin your party. With the Superjuke you don't have to worry at all, because YOU are in charge with the remote control. You control the volume and you decide if you need to FWD on to the next track. The guests can make their selections and wait their turn. So you don't have to be watching the jukebox every few minutes to make sure everyone is behaving themselves ... with a Superjuke there's no interference, no arguments and no worries!

4. Includes Smart Lights

With every Superjuke we include a set of coloured Smart Lights. They are not just a boring music beat chase pattern like our competitors' - they actually beat in frequency with the music .......... so they are different with every song.

5. Designed Especially For Party Hire

Many other jukeboxes are made to look like the old pub machines so they have the speakers in the same cabinet. The Superjuke has separate speakers on 10m cables to give you the flexibility to put the jukebox where you want. You can position the speakers apart, on the dance floor, where they should be, for the full digital stereo effect. 

6. New Feature "5 Ways to Add Your Own Music"

The following image is from the side of the Superjuke Jukebox, showing our new Media Player

With Superjuke® there is now 5 different ways that you can add you own music on the night.  Let’s just say that there is a special song or style of music that is not available on any jukebox in the solar system. Well, no problem because the Superjuke® has both a built in Media Player and a CD player. You can play your own music by adding mp3 songs on a USB memory stick or SD Card. You can connect a smart phone or tablet or any audio device directly using the 3.5mm "Line-in AUX' jack. You can also connect a smart phone or tablet using our Media Players BLUETOOTH capability. Or, you can use our built in CD player to play normal Audio CD's - Just burn the song you need to play on the night (or group of songs) onto a CD in normal CD audio format or use an original CD, put it in the CD player and the CD controls come up on the touch screen and you play the songs through the jukebox!  When you use the Media Player simply put the Jukebox on pause and any jukebox selections in the cue will be paused and waiting for you to resume after you have played your added music … full integration with no interference … perfect!

7. Superjuke Keeps You Dancing

Not only are there any gaps in between the songs; the Superjuke mixes from one song to the next, so it fades in and out between songs - just like a really good DJ. This amazing Superjuke feature really does keep the guests dancing!

And for those who like the current music Superjuke is absolutely unbeatable! We update our Jukebox Top 50 song library nearly each and every single week of the year. We don't have 10 or 12 out of the Top 50 like the competition - we usually have all 50 available Top 50 songs on the ARIA chart, every single week, plus the hit predictions you hear weekly on the radio. 

8. Microphone for Announcements

Every Superjuke jukebox hire includes a microphone for those very important speeches. Simply put the jukebox on pause at any time using the remote control, and off you go.

9. A "Real" Online Booking System that Saves You Money

We have invested in an absolutely superb online quote and booking system. Get a quote and availability online in about 30 seconds 24 hours a day. And from the quote you can make a booking online up to 2 days before the date of function    (whilst stocks last).

No longer do you need to find the time to ring our office during business hours and risk missing out ... you don't need to join the queue at all ...

AND $$$SAVE$$$ when you book and pay online, because there are no extras ... no administration booking fees* and no credit card surcharges, so you won't be slugged an extra $ 9.00 for paying by VISA, MasterCard or AMEX ...

AND when you book online you can choose (or change) your Jukebox music online as well ...

AND Track and Trace your booking 24 hours a day. When you book online, we send you receipts and music selection acknowledgement emails each and every time you update your booking ... now that’s peace of mind

 * Note: A $ 15.00 administration booking fee applies to bookings made by phone

Still Need More Information? 



You choose all the music that you want from our Jukebox Music Library to be loaded into the Superjuke jukebox. Never, ever, that's right, ever, book a jukebox that does not allow you to choose ALL of the music. Many Jukebox companies do not allow you to choose the music that goes into the jukebox beforehand, and as you may be aware at every function there always seems to be a few people who like to dominate in music ... they tend to be the first on the jukebox and they like to select songs that they really should be listening to in their cars and not at your party. With the Superjuke because you decide beforehand what music goes onto the jukebox, you are guaranteed that your guests will be selecting from the music that YOU put together especially for your function ... and that really does make all the difference.

After 30 years experience we know that it is just as important to have the songs that you want in the jukebox, as it is to stop your guests from playing songs you definitely do not want to hear at your function. Many jukebox operators will tell you that you don't need to worry about choosing your music because you will get a variety of music, heaps of CD's, or 1000's of songs on their jukeboxes... but don't be fooled, QUALITY of music is everything. Variety is usually a good thing, but not when it comes to someone else's idea about what jukebox music you should have at your party. It is an easy option for a jukebox operator to leave the same music in their jukeboxes from one function to another and not to allow customers to select the music for each function. That's the cheap and easy way out. This means that you will end up with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of songs in the jukebox that you did not choose in the first place and you cannot stop annoying guests from selecting songs you simply don't want at your party. Unfortunately this means that you will probably be up at the machine all night trying to change all of the inappropriate songs that keep getting selected.

Choice of music is everything. It does not matter whether you have 500, 5000 or 5 million songs on a jukebox. What matters is that you have the music you want and leave off the music you definitely do not want. At Superjuke we know that the music is the single most important item. With Superjuke you get the music YOU want and not what someone else thinks you should have. So to put it simply, with a Superjuke, it's all about choice ... your choice.

So, back to the point on - How do I Choose the Jukebox Music? - On booking, we send you the booking email straight away. You click on the link in the booking email "Choose Your Jukebox Music" and you are taken to the music selection page where you can you tick or check the music categories that you want to have in the jukebox. These are the same 43 jukebox music categories you can see in our Jukebox Music library.

The Superjuke touch screen jukebox holds a huge amount of music with a library of around 6000 songs. The amount of categories you choose is entirely up to you and depends on the style of music that you want at your party. Some customers may choose only 4 or 5 categories whilst others choose 20 or 30. There are no limits, you can choose the entire library of 43 categories if you wish, but this is not a common occurrence since most people choose the music they want, and leave out the music they definitely do not want to hear at their party.

The Superjuke touch screen jukebox can hold a lot of music. When you choose a category, you get the best music we have available for that category. See all of the songs we have available by clicking ... 

Superjuke JUKEBOX Music Library - Click Here


The Superjuke touch screen digital jukebox is the easiest jukebox to operate. The Superjuke touch screen technology and easy find software is just superb. There are no CD's to flick through from start to finish in an attempt to find the song you are looking for, there are no confusing external buttons to press and you do not need to scroll down pages and pages of song lists on computer screens like the cheap "computer in a box" systems. Simply touch the jukebox screen with your finger and then on goes the song, or it is added to the play list.

You can select a Jukebox song by Title, Artist, or Category.

(a) By Title - if you know the name of the song you are looking for, touch Title and then the first letter of the song, and up comes all the song titles beginning with that letter.

(b) By Artist - touch Artist and then "Abba" for example, then all the Abba songs will be displayed and you simply touch the desired song.

(c) By Category - touch the category, "Top 50" for example, then all of our current hits will be displayed.

The Superjuke shows how many songs have been selected and displays the name and artist of the current song playing, along with some chart entry date information. It also displays the next nine songs in the play list so your guests can see that their request is coming up.

There is no other jukebox on the market with the features of the Superjuke. When you first turn on the jukebox it commences playing in automatic random mode and will continue to do so until a selection(s) is made. You can make an almost unlimited amount of selections in a row so you can put in hours of music at any given time if you wish. When the jukebox has finished playing the selections, it reverts back into automatic random mode.

A new feature is that you can even tell the Superjuke what category to play whilst in random mode. This means (a) you get continuous music all the time and not just when a selection is made and (b) from a random music category or categories chosen by YOU to suit the mood or theme of your party at any given time.

Example, lets say that you are having a 21st birthday party and your guests have made about 5 selections. After the five songs have finished the Superjuke will continue to play Top 50 and 2000's Dance songs to keep your party going, because you have selected these categories to play if the jukebox reverts back into random mode. You don't ever have to worry about your party going flat, because the Superjuke will keep it pumping ... automatically! 


The remote control allows you to:

(a) change the music volume

(b) change the microphone volume

(c) jump on to the next track

(e) start the track playing from the beginning again - track back

(f) put the jukebox music on pause - allows you to make announcements or play your own music in the CD player included

And using the Options Button on the Remote Control you can

(g) Play my song next - insert a song into the playlist at any time

(h) Select a jukebox category to play when the jukebox enters random mode

(i) put the jukebox on lock so that no-one can make selections

(j) set the maximum amount of Jukebox songs you wish to allow your guests to select and

(k) Reset the play list without interfering with the song playing

Many other party hire jukeboxes have a volume control and/or a cancel button on the rear of the machine. This allows all those  annoying guests to interfere with the volume all night, and in an attempt to hear their song immediately invites them to cancel a song that some of your guests may have been waiting for an hour to come on, just as they get up to dance! As soon as you are seen adjusting the volume on the back of these jukeboxes, (everybody looks toward the jukebox because the volume changes) then your guests know instantly where to look for the volume control and cancel button - and, there's not a great deal you can do about it. From that time forward there is interruptions all night. This can be extremely frustrating and something that every host can do without. It can make the difference between a really great party and an absolute flop! The whole idea about having a jukebox is so that you do not have to worry about the music so never, ever book a jukebox with a volume control or a cancel button on the back of the machine.

There are no external volume controls or cancel buttons on the Superjuke at all. With the Superjuke ... you are in total control. The infrared remote control lets you set the MUSIC VOLUME of the jukebox to a level that you and only you want, so that your guests are kept under control as you go into the early hours of the next morning.

The remote control allows you to jump tracks. Say for example one of your guests selects a song that you do not wish to hear at that particular time, you can simply jump onto the NEXT TRACK. Unlike other jukeboxes that chop off the song leaving your guests stranded on the dance floor, the Superjuke will fade out the existing song and then, fade in the next one, just like a really good DJ. This means that in addition to having no gaps in between the songs, the songs actually mix from one song to another, a magnificent feature unique to the Superjuke, which gives a very professional effect that will certainly impress your guests.

The remote control also allows you to RESET all the songs in the play list without interfering with the current song playing (so nobody knows). You can then add more selections. For example, your guests might be dancing away, and you decide you want to change the style of music coming up, and yet there are still 10 selections to go. Using the remote control, you (and only you) can access the RESET feature and delete all the songs coming up in the play list. Your guests continue to dance to the song currently playing, and are none the wiser. This means that you have the confidence in knowing that at any time you can change the music without affecting the "flow" of the party.

You can put the jukebox on PAUSE when making announcements; there is a microphone provided for the speeches.

And yes we have thought of everything, you can even put the jukebox on LOCK to prevent anyone from making selections if desired, all via the remote control.

With the Superjuke unique customise function using the remote control you can tell the jukebox what catergory(s) of music you want it to play whilst the jukebox is in random play mode. This is a very handy feature if you have a particular music theme or even if you want the jukebox to play some suitable background music at random during a meal. Select a random category to play, put the jukebox on LOCK and you don't have to worry about a thing!

A common complaint with many other jukeboxes is that some irresponsible guests (and there tends to be one or two at every function) get on the jukebox and make a huge amount of selections at one time. The Superjuke allows you using the remote control to set the MAXIMUM selections that can be made. This is a great feature for kids parties (and some adult kids as well). Prevents arguments and gives everyone the opportunity to make a selection.

*** NEW FEATURE ***  PLAY MY SONG NEXT - At Superjuke we know that you can be pretty busy on the night looking after all of your guests, whilst in the mean time your guests make all of the selections. But fear not because using the remote control and the "Play My Song Next" feature you can insert a song right to the top of the playlist, to come on next, whenever you wish.

*** NEW FEATURE*** ADD YOU OWN MUSIC - Every Superjuke now includes a CD Player built in to the side of the machine. At any time throughout the function just put in your music CD (either an original or a compilation you have made), put the jukebox on pause, and the CD controls come up on the touch screen, so you play your CD through the jukebox ... SUPERB!


The Superjuke unique flashing coloured disco SMART LIGHTS are included with every Superjuke hire. The lights are positioned on each of the speakers, and beat in frequency with the music, and include a separate on/off facility that allows you to control the mood of the party. The Superjuke lights are Smart Lights meaning that there are no controls required because they automatically adjust to the beat of the music no matter what the volume. Most other jukeboxes only have display lights (and not disco lights) on the jukebox itself or a single box that you need to adjust all night to counteract the changing music volume, and they are usually in a fixed monotonous chasing pattern, the same 1,2,3,4 pattern all night long, that is more likely to send your guests to sleep rather than encourage them to get up and dance. The Superjuke Smart Lights however, beat in frequency with the music, so they are different with every song. Now that's atmosphere.


The Superjuke has separate speakers on 10m cables. This means that you do not need to put the jukebox on the dancing area. Many other jukeboxes including some of the new digital machines are designed to look like the old pub jukeboxes and have the speakers in the same cabinet. They are not party friendly at all because you are forced to put the jukebox on the dancing area. The speakers are also generally smaller 10 inch and tweeter arrangements, (so that they fit in the limited cabinet space), sacrificing sound quality, and because the speakers are together in the same cabinet you do not get the stereo effect.

The Superjuke speakers are 12 inch and horn arrangements for power, performance and clarity and because there are on 10m cables, you can virtually put the speakers wherever you want. You can place the jukebox away from the congested dancing area, so that your guests can make selections at any time, put the speakers on the dance floor where they should be, and enjoy full stereo digital audio effect. You can of course even angle the speakers away from tables in close proximity so that they are at a comfortable listening level for guests seated close to the dancing area.

Our jukebox is 300 watts high efficiency power in 24 bit stereo digital quality, and is suitable for audiences of up to 250 people. The Superjuke touch screen machines are designed and manufactured by Superjuke right here in Australia. We also use an Australian designed and built amplifier and Australian made speakers. When you deal with Superjuke you are dealing with the company that designed and built the machines including the intelligent software that gives the jukebox so many outstanding features.


Superjuke spends over $ 20,000.00 a year just updating the Top 50 categories. For those of you who like the current chart music we have it all. Over the past 12 months we have had nearly every available ARIA chart Top 50 hit, every single week. We usually update our music weekly, not monthly, so our Top 50 (and hit predictions you hear on the radio each week), are always super current. Most other jukebox operators only add their songs fortnightly or monthly or six weekly, and they don't even try to have anywhere near 50 out of the Top 50 (more like 10 or 12 if your lucky). We continually add songs, so if you choose the Top 50 and recent category, you not only get what we have now, but all the hits we add right up to the date of your function. Compare our music with the ARIA chart each week! you will see them all there. Then compare the competition's Top 50 with the ARIA chart. If they don't have the Top 50 songs now, how likely are they to have them on the week of your function. With Superjuke you know we will always be up to date.


Yes, how's this for a feature - When the Superjuke is playing, not only aren't there any gaps in between the songs but also it mixes from one song to the next, that is, it fades in and fades out just like a really good disc jockey (before he gets drunk of course) for a really professional effect. This makes an amazing difference compared to conventional jukeboxes, many of which have huge gaps in between songs. The Superjuke mix feature really does keep your guests dancing. We call it the JUKE JOCKEY, a feature unique to Superjuke.


Yes, we offer delivery and pick-up of our machines to most suburbs in the metropolitan area. Delivery is included in the hire fee for the majority of suburbs but we do not deliver to all suburbs or areas away from the main city region. Please check that your venue location is within the RED boundary on our map, before getting a quote.

Example - Deliveries for Saturday functions are usually AM to early afternoon and pick-up times are usually AM Sunday. If access to your venue is outside of our usual delivery and/or pick up times, or if there are access restrictions, we may not be able to take your booking, so please check with the venue first. In many cases when a Saturday function is to be held at a private residence we are able to deliver on the Friday, depending on the availability of the machines and what else we have in the area. We are extremely organised. We arrange the delivery and pick-up times around 2 days before the function. Now we know that you are busy too, so we don't just say we will be there some time between 9am to 5pm, we are usually able to give you an arrival time for example, 9.30 - 10am or 11.30am to 12noon etc., so you will not have to wait for us all day wondering when we will arrive. 


You will always find us prompt and thorough with the email correspondence, including Tax Invoice receipts, music selection acknowledgements and arranging delivery and pick-up times etc. On booking,  we promptly send the booking email to you. There are a number of different payment options including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and EFT.

We have a superb online quote and booking system. Get a quote and availability online in about 30 seconds, 24 hours a day. And from the quote you can make a booking online up to 2 days before the date of function (whilst stocks last).

No longer do you need to find the time to ring our office during business hours and risk missing out ... you don't need to join the queue at all ...

AND $$$SAVE$$$ when you book and pay online, because there are no extras ... no administration booking fees* and no credit card surcharges, so you won't be slugged an extra $ 9.00 for paying by VISA, MasterCard or AMEX ...

AND when you book online you can choose (or change) your Jukebox music online as well ...

Track and Trace your booking 24 hours a day. When you book online, we send you receipts and music selection acknowledgement emails each and every time you update your booking ... now that’s peace of mind.

We email you a receipt and an acknowledgment of your selections to let you know that they have been RESERVED for you, so you have the confidence in knowing exactly what music you are getting for your function.

On the day/night of your function there will be a service number provided on the instruction page on the rear of the jukebox should you require attention. Should the office not be attended your call will be diverted to a mobile phone, backed up with both voice mail and a paging service, so you will always be able to make contact.

We have been in the hire business for over 30 years so we know how important it is to keep in touch and the customer well informed. Most importantly, the Superjuke jukebox and karaoke machines are designed and built by us, right here in Australia, so maintenance is carried out on the machines by their creator, resulting in unprecedented reliability.


The Superjuke Jukebox requires a floor space of approximately 540mm wide x 515mm deep with a max. height of 1,170mm. Speakers and lights are on 10m cables and therefore adaptable requiring a floor space of approximately 400m wide x 350mm deep, with a max. height of 750mm including lights positioned on top of each speaker. A 10amp normal household 240v power point or earthed extension lead within 10m is required. The Superjuke is to be set up in a clean weather protected secure area.


Our Absolute Guarantee

So confident are we that the Superjuke offers the very best value in today's market, if you can find another Jukebox or Jukebox + Karaoke machine, with all of the same features and service, with the same or greater music choices, for a better price, then we will supply the Superjuke to you, absolutely -

 FREE ! 

... That's right, you read it correctly, we will not just beat a competitor's price by 10%, we mean FREE !

We handle around 4000 functions a year and no-one has been able to claim this FREE offer ... so far, that is ...  and why?

Well, don't just take our word for it, do the comparisons. Check out our price by getting a quote online right now, compare the Superjuke features and music with that of the competition and find out for yourself why we maintain that we have the very best value!

click here Get a Quote right now

If you are happy with the quote you can click on the

"Book Online Now" link in the quote email, to make a booking



Check out the music

See  the Jukebox music that YOU choose and the amazing Karaoke Library

Superjuke JUKEBOX Music Library - Click Here

Superjuke KARAOKE Music Library - Click Here

Note: Superjuke spends over $ 20,000.00 a year just updating our music libraries. You can rest assured that whenever your function is, we will be keeping you up to date with our music,



Please note that it is cheaper for you to make a booking online. When you book and pay online, there are no credit card surcharges, so you won't get slugged an extra $ 9.00 for paying online, and there is no additional administration booking fee. It also frees up our resources so that we can continue to be able to offer premium quality products at a really great price.

Making a booking by phone through our office (a non-online booking) attracts an additional $ 15.00 administration booking fee.


 Some further information to assist you when making a booking

Making A Booking with Superjuke - Click Here

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